Monday, January 27, 2014

Lose Weight With Obalon

Diet and regular exercise is the most effective method for weight loss. But unfortunately, it is considered difficult by people with obesity who are used to eating a lot and rarely moves. Obesity has become a problem. In addition to having diabetes and heart disease risk greater confidence issues on the performance is also bad effects of obesity.

To overcome this, the scientists from the UK introduced a new breakthrough called Obalon. Obalon is the latest breakthrough to lose weight with a shape like a balloon. The balloon is stored in a capsule the size of a vitamin capsule which will expand in the stomach.

Flattened balloon stored in the capsule, which will be swallowed up by one with the help of micro catheters. Once in the stomach, the capsule will be digested and the balloon will inflate the size of an apple in the stomach.

Hopefully, with the balloon in the stomach, the appetite will be reduced because he felt the sensation of fullness. This is what will make the weight loss process goes without a hitch.

Sally Norton, health consultant of Spire Bristol Hospital, said that Obalon is a diet drug with few side effects. In addition, Obalon also judged as a stepping stone to start patients healthier lifestyle.

"Patients who reported side effects only about 7 percent. Symptoms include vomiting, abdominal cramps and nausea. However, these symptoms will disappear by itself after one or two days," said health consultant who has been monitoring the process Obalon over the past few years.