Friday, January 24, 2014

Seven interesting facts about sperm

Seven interesting facts about sperm as quoted from the Health Me Up.

Did you know, in one tablespoon of sperm contains about 20 calories. Sperm also contains a small amount of fat and cholesterol.

Nutritional Value
Sperm is made of high carbohydrate and protein content. Not only that, the sperm also contains fat, zinc, and calcium that have benefits to fight tooth decay. To improve the quality of sperm, you can increase protein intake. Because the sperm is also a good source of protein.

Sperm is suspected can cure depression. It is rarely discussed, but it is said women who 'consume' sperm can reduce the risk of depression. Moreover, sperm contains spermophagia that have an happy impact.

Prevent Breast Cancer
Many cite one cause of prostate cancer is the lack of sex. Meanwhile, the consumption of sperm could help prevent breast cancer. Well, if you've got a legitimate partner, frequently have sex to be more healthy.

Skin Care
Sperm containing spermidine, compounds responsible for slowing down the aging process. Spermidine also protect cells from damage by increasing human blood cells. These chemicals are also believed to be able to invite mold, mice, and flies. It is important to maintain the cleanliness after sex.

Taste of Sperm
Sperm have a certain sense, depending on diet and lifestyle is concerned. For example, men who have a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh vegetables diligent and regular exercise, it tends to taste bad sperm.

Sperm when Ejaculation
When ejaculation, only about five per cent of the sperm produced. Because of this some couples difficulty get pregnant. But not only quantity, quality also affect sperm fertilization success. While the sperm can live inside the female body within a period of two to five days, depending on the menstrual cycle.