Monday, February 17, 2014

What Men Feel When His Partner is Not Orgasm During Sex Session ?

Even though it looks cool and is very satisfied to reach orgasm when having sex, men can actually feel something when his partner could not reach orgasm . One thing he felt was a failure and feelings of inadequacy.

The findings are based on the results of a study conducted by researchers at Western University, Ontario, with a focus surveyed 45 men and women and asked about the importance of orgasm during intercourse. One finding that orgasm is key for men to enjoy sex.

On the other hand, the men said female orgasm is one of the most satisfying sexual experience. When a woman can not feel the climax, the man admitted it was a sad thing, as quoted from the Prevention.

"Men feel has the physically responsibility to stimulate women for orgasm. If that does not happen, they think people will question his sexual prowess," said one study author Claire Salisbury, MSc.

Male participants in the study are young adults. Therefore Claire said middle-aged man might have a different perspective about the orgasm. Because, older men have long-term relationships where communication is more likely to occur sexual and sex became more realistic for them.

While some women say a big orgasm is very important. Most of the women in this study said that sexual satisfaction is not absolutely dependent on big orgasm.

According to Claire, having a better understanding about the realities of sexual partner can help improve sexual experiences in the long term. Therefore, along with your partner can learn to know each other's weaknesses and if one of the parties do not reach an orgasm, then you both must escape from the pressures that exist .

"It might make orgasm better . Unnecessary thing to do is to fake orgasms. Doing this would not keep her feelings and could be a barrier to communicate, " said Claire.