Thursday, November 17, 2011

Strange But Funny studies in Year 2010

Various studies undertaken to prove a theory that could improve the health and welfare of the community. There are at least four studies that considered weird but funny during 2010.

Studies that considered this strange but funny as quoted from

Staring at women's breast can increase men's health
This study was conducted by researchers from University of Wellington. The results obtained were men who looked at women's breasts can change lives and improve healthHowever, this study does not explain exactly what should be done by men, whether someone just sitting in a room and stared at pictures of women or the other.

Men who are old want sex
Researchers from the University of Western Australia announced that the results showed men who are old still has a high interest in sex. But unfortunately this study does not have strong enough evidence.

Slow Internet can increase a person's emotions
The poll, conducted by Harris Interactive found that approximately 80 percent of Americans are going crazy while waiting for further instructions on the computer due to a very slow internet. Most of the participants will hit the table, took out swear words or inappropriate actions.

Skimpy outfits increase the number of accidents
The study, conducted by an insurance company in the UK said that the rate of motor vehicle accidents increased during the summer, this is because many women were using a mini skirt