Sunday, August 23, 2015

Femala Viagra or Addyi or Flibanserin

Female sexual brokenness is portrayed by an absence of craving, excitement and climax. This isn't to imply that its reasons aren't physical, they absolutely can be. Hypertension, coronary illness, growth, diabetes, thyroid issue, neurological sicknesses and immune system issue can all add to a lady's absence of sexual craving. Different components incorporate certain remedies drugs, especially hostile to hypertensives and misery solution, and also over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and illicit medications and liquor misuse.
Consistent Viagra that we are all acquainted with, is intended to expand blood stream to the private parts. This is the pharmaceutical item Viagra that functions admirably for some men who endure with feebleness - or erectile brokenness. Interestingly, in tests Viagra-like medications likewise appear to help around 20 percent of ladies with female sexual brokenness - that is to say, for the situation where the lady concerned is experiencing issues with grease (blood stream to the female private parts build oil).

At the point when individuals hear the word Viagra, the greater part of them would think about a pill that would help in enhancing sexual brokenness in men. A great many people are ignorant that there are a greater number of ladies who experience the ill effects of sexual brokenness than men. This decline in sexual drive can be ascribed to a ton of variables.

Flibanserin, showcased as Addyi, has been named the "female Viagra". It is intended to help ladies recover their sex drive by boosting levels of chemicals in the mind has gotten US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. The FDA said strict measures would be placed set up to guarantee patients were mindful of the dangers, including a notice not to drink liquor with the medication.

The female viagra will be made accessible in the US from October.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Researchers Reveal Masturbation on Men Can Generate quality sperm

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A team of researchers from The College of Wooster Ohio, conduct in-depth research on male masturbation habits. They then asked 21 volunteers to masturbate by utilizing several pornographic video they had prepared.

Each volunteer was asked to masturbate for 15 consecutive days. However they are not allowed to drink alcohol and perform other sexual activity 48 hours prior to masturbation. Turns researchers succeeded in proving that men are more rapid ejaculation during masturbation with unknown woman as the stimulus. The volume and number of sperm quality produced is also much more than the usual sexual activity.

"Not that we said that if natural selection makes him more easy to have an affair. But this led to speculation that the affair may also occur in the past," said one researcher Dr. Laura K Sirot as quoted by the Huffington Post, Thursday (13/08/2015) ,

Therefore, man evolved into a creature that is easier to have sex or even impregnate women who are not his spouses. Sirot also feel this can be used to detect and overcome infertility in men early on.

Sirot research associate, Paul N Joseph describes men with fertility problems coming to consult a doctor will usually be asked to provide a sperm sample by masturbation

"Because they made porn videos, ejaculation that occurs in fertility clinics might produce sperm with better quality, and from there we can uncover potential problems possessed fertility patients," he said.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Signs Women are Faking Their Orgasm

Women have been known to fake orgasm when having sex for reasons want to keep the feeling of their partner. Men also may already know about it. But, the reality is not that simple. You can read more at 5 Reasons Why Women Fake Their Orgasm

5 signs women are faking their orgasm
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There you go, after you know why women fake their orgasm while they have sex with you. Now its time for you to know the 5 signs women are faking their orgasm :

1. Their orgasm almost coincide with their husband
Sex therapist Vanessa Marin said women generally took about 20 minutes to reach an orgasm. If the husband achieve orgasm in a short time and soon followed by his wife, may be wife experienced orgasm only sham. "For that men need to be patient so that he and his wife could achieve orgasm in unison. However, if the wife happens quickly once it reaches orgasm, you should be suspicious if it's fake orgasm. "

2. Suddenly orgasm
"If women do not sweat, her body is not tightened, there is no erotic moans but suddenly she achieve orgasm, you should question whether she really have orgasm or faking it. Although spontaneous orgasm in women may occur, but is very unlikely," says sex expert Ian Kerner.

3. Her vagina are not tightened
Strained muscles around the vagina or other body parts such as the nipples, can be an indication if women are to achieve orgasm. So, when there is no such sign, then the women had an orgasm, it could be that she was faking her orgasm.

4. Excessive moans
Moan or emit erotic words can be experienced by women when highly aroused during sex. But, when the wife is not normally moan, then the husband should be suspicious if his wife really having an orgasm, says sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk.

5. Touching her body
Both Marin nor Dr. Kirk said that when a woman is extremly aroused and was about to reach orgasm, generally they will touch the most sensitive parts of its body. Therefore, if a woman orgasm and she didn't touched certain parts of her body, most likely she faked the orgasm.