Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 Reasons Why Women Fake Their Orgasm

Women have been known to fake orgasm when having sex for reasons want to keep the feeling of their partner. Men also may already know about it. But, the reality is not that simple.
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There are some specific reasons that make a woman orgasm finally decided to fabricate, as reported by Men's Health. Here is 5 reasons why women fake their orgasm :

1. Felt unsafe during orgasm
"Feeling worried and uncomfortable moment of orgasm, women can rush pretend to reach climax before he felt a real orgasm. By doing so, he knew pretty soon you'll leave 'droop weak' in bed," said sex therapist and authors 'Come Hither: A Guide to Kinky Sex commonsense' Gloria Brame, Ph.D.

2. Feeling unsatisfied
Research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 94 percent of women said they could reach a climax when stimulated on her clit. As many as 74 percent of women said her clitoris as most erogenous zone.
"So if you feel strange and previously did not touch the clitoris couple at all but she has an orgasm, it could be that she feels is a fake orgasm," says Brame.

3. Trying to increase her own passion
Female orgasm can be a way to improve her own passion. Therefore, host radio program Sex With Emily, Emily Morse says when women reach orgasm, test with a finger gently stroked her breasts.

"Putting the hardened most sensitive part of women. Use your hands and tongue to stimulate her best. If at that time she returned to orgasm, then the previou orgasm could only be ascertained pretend" Morse said.

5. Insecure with her ​​body
Instead of the body, including the vagina, too long to explore and see, many women who choose to falsify her orgasms so they can quickly escape your attention. Therefore, researchers at Indiana University and author of 'Great in Bed', Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., said the study found that women are more comfortable with her ​​body can actually be open when receiving oral sex and achieving orgasm many times.

Fear takes a long time to decrease her passion
"Fear can not lose her passion, a woman can take a shortcut that is fake orgasms. Because they know when you explore every inch of her body, her passion increased. However, because fear can not control the passion she faked an orgasm," said certified sexologist , Shanna Katz, M.Ed.