Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 Things That Men Wanted During Intercourse

If women were given one question that 'what is the most things their couple want during intercourse?' could be the answer is orgasm, oral sex, or physical proximity. The answer was true despite the fact that there are things that men want when they have an intercourse.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, here's five Things That Men Wanted During Intercourse:

1 . Her partner talking naughty
Not all women feel comfortable when they have to talk naughty when they have sex. But , if you are trying to say during sex as a form of expression , confirmed that she will give maximum satisfaction to you .

2 . He wants to take control
Occasionally, men also want to control you in bed , especially when you are in the woman on top position . or during foreplay he is pushing your body to the bed and start the ' game ' in its own way .

3 . He Wants to try new sex position
If you find a new sexual position , do not hesitate to invite your husband practiced it . As long as it is safe, a new position that the idea came from you will make your husband proud and more passionate in bed .

4 . He want a surprise
Unlike women, men also like to get a surprise, especially in matters of sex . Perform spontaneous sex while you have dinner or when you watching TV. Thats will make him shock and happy.

5 . He wants to "watch" you
Although most woman are shy when her body exposed, but man like this thing. So, do not be embarrassed to make love in front of a mirror or use a position where your body can be seen by your husband, for example cowgirl position.