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Why Men Always Sleep After Sex ?

Why men always fall asleep after sex? Apparently, not the stamina that is not good, butthere are biological reasons.
According to Dr. Billy Goldberg, author of Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?, There are several causes of a man fast asleep after sex. The main reason is that the hormoneoxytocin, prolactin, gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), and several other hormones that make it instantly fell asleep.
"In a man's body chemistry changes after orgasm. Release of prolactin, which is abiochemical substance made ​​man's body becomes very tired," explained Dr. DavidMcKenzie, a sex therapist in Vancouver, Canada, as reported by MSN.
He explained that the force during sex and after climax spent muscle glycogen _produce energy that cause drowsiness.

"Because men have more muscle mass than women, they usually sleepy after sex," he concluded.

Gynecomastia a Rare Genetic Condition

Gynecomastia is usually characterized by abnormal growth of male breasts. This is related to the growth of breast tissue. This condition may occur on one or both breasts.

photo from Zona5
Ramirez and his brothers came from the Dominican Republic experienced gynecomastia. Ramirez and his siblings were all male. However, due to a rare genetic condition Ramirez and his brothers have big breasts like a woman. Not infrequently a strange condition that makes them often the subject of mockery.

Doctors say the condition is affecting a lot of boys from rural southern town Magueyal. Most likely this was due to hormonal anomalies that are transmitted through the generation of small genetic material in the region.

Felipe, the father of three brothers also request assistance through the program Zona5 news. Luckily, the request was welcomed by the medical officer Marcelino Velez Santana Hospital and all operating expenses incurred by Dr. Pedro Antonio Delgado, the owner of the hospital.

Yeuri (17 years), Daniu (12 years) and Gabriel (11 years) underwent treatment and finally perform the surgical removal of the breast for two hours.

"It's sick but now I feel good. Now they can no longer mock us," explains Yeuri, the elder Ramirez brothers, on local television, as reported by Dailymail

Dr. Elbi Morla who deal with them saying that surgery is very important in their evolution. The father was very happy because he could see his three sons into a normal man.

Doctors are now continuously monitor the condition of three brothers and giving drugs to block the female hormone produced by the body.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gay Radar, Ability to Detect Someone Sexual Orientation

The more widespread type of sexual orientation encourages the need to have a "gaydar" (gay radar). Gaydar is a term widely used to assess the ability of the sexual orientation of others quickly.

According to research by Joshua Tabak, a graduate student in psychology at the University of Washington, Seattle, this capability has significant benefits.
Tabak asked 129 students to identify the social orientation of the 96 young women and men through the photograph. The result, 65 percent of participants can be identified lesbian / normal women and 57 percent of the participants can identify the gay / straight men of to-96 photo.

The faces in the photo was not wearing glasses or jewelry. All of them also do not have a scar, beard, mustache or former piercings.
But when the faces are displayed in reverse condition, participants performed the identification accuracy decreased to 61 percent for the lesbian / normal women and 53 percent for the gay / straight men. However, the accuracy rate was still higher than the identification made ​​by chance alone, researchers say.

The findings, published in the journal PLoS One suggests that many people who knowingly make a distinction against homosexuals and normal people.

"This is probably similar to how we do not have to think long to tell that person male or female, black or white. Such information will continue to face in our daily lives," he added as released from Health24.

Tabak claimed these findings challenge the theory that if people keep their sexual orientation is discrimination against gay, lesbian and bisexual would never exist. According to him, this is precisely the argument made ​​by people who do not agree with the anti-discrimination policy for the group.

Even so, Tabak not find a reason why some people have "gay radar" that are better than others. Tabak just assumed that "the people of the older generation or a different culture might grow up without ever interacting with a gay" so it is less accurate in identifying gay or normal person.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Risk of Dying Stroke Patient Can be Seen from Drawing Results

Drawing test is usually performed to determine the human personality. However, one study found that the drawing test can also be done to predict the risk of dying of stroke patients.

A research team from Sweden to find a reliable way to determine the risk of dying of stroke patients. His research found that a simple drawing test could actually be the proper way.

The research team is led by Dr Bernice Wiberg of Uppsala University in Sweden. Data were collected from participants in the study Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult Men who trace various heart diseases and stroke risk factors in 2322 men from the age of 50 years.

In a new study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers directly monitored more than 900 participants from the years 1991 to 2006. Monitoring began when the participants was about 70 years. At baseline, none of the study participants were diagnosed with stroke.
Participants received a complete medical examination and also underwent evaluation of cognitive function. All of them completed the drawing test called Trail Making Test (TMT) and the mini mental state exam (MMSE) is widely used to detect dementia.

In TMT, participants were asked to draw the line as quickly as possible between the numbers or letters in the sequence. Score given is the amount of time in seconds required to complete the task. General ability of the MMSE is known to general cognitive functions such as orientation, memory and arithmetic.

During the study period of 14 years, 155 participants suffered a stroke. More than half of whom die within 2.5 years and 22 people died within 1 month after stroke. The researchers found that participants who score poorly on tests of TMT are more likely to die.

Participants with a score of TMT is the lowest value is 30% likely to die after suffering a stroke three times greater than the 30% test score draw the most good.

"I was surprised to find that the test results to draw a TMT is a strong predictor of stroke. So I'm not surprised if the test is also associated with risk of death from stroke, but I suspect if the relationship is so strong," Wiberg said as quoted by Time Healthland

TMT is expected to reveal the hidden cognitive impairment due to cerebrovascular disease whose symptoms are not visible, but still have a damaging effect. TMT is easy to do and can help physicians improve the information on stroke patients.

"With paper and pen is simple, we've been able to predict the risk of stroke and death after suffering a stroke," said Wiberg.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Genetic Mutations Make Swedish People urinate 15 Liter

Urinating is usually not more than 1.5 liters / day, but some people in Sweden can do up to 15 liters / day. The cause of the disorder has been around since 100 years ago is finally revealed, namely due to genetic mutations.

Since the 1800s, citizens in rural areas adjacent to the Norwegian Varmland many are experiencing a strange disease.
Within a day, these people can urinate up to 15 liters, so need to drink the same amount to maintain body fluid balance.
Strange disease was recently revealed by Dr Johan Jendle, a doctor from Karlstad Hospital.

If so far unexplained, strange diseases can now be classified as one type of kidney disorder called diabetes insipidus.
Sufferers sometimes can not be far away from the toilet and at times must have easy access to drinking water
said Dr. Jendle in a local newspaper his Wermlands-Tidningen, as quoted from Dailymail.

Dr Jendle managed to uncover the causes behind this mysterious illness after a history tracing Varmland residents, including descendants are now scattered all over Sweden. The cause is none other than genetic mutation, which is estimated to have occurred since the 1800's.

As a result, approximately 50 percent hereditary Varmland villagers suffering from this disease due to inherited genetic factors.
Simple blood tests can be done to know a person inherits a genetic factor or not, so that treatment can be done before symptoms appear.

In addition to genetic factors triggered, the disease could also be triggered by other causes. Damage to the pituitary gland can also lead to excessive waste of water, as well as tumor growth and the presence of trauma or violence in the urinary tract.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Health Conditions Will be Fatal If Ignored

Some minor health conditions such as sleep disorders, headaches to constipation can be dangerous if ignored. These conditions could be an early symptom of other serious illnesses such as heart problems and cancer.

The following 7 health conditions that could be dangerous if ignored and not be treated medically as reported by the shape

1. Sleep disorders
Do not overlook sleeping problems like insomnia, snoring, or high levels of fatigue can be a symptom of heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
Consult your sleep problems with your doctor to find out it is not a symptom of serious illness.

2. Vagina smells not good
A person who sometimes ignore or postpone check the condition of her vagina that secrete a viscous fluid and the odor because it only considers a result of routine bacterial infections are not dangerous.

But it turns out, these conditions can be a symptom of cervical cancer are rare neuroendocrine called cervical cancer. The first symptoms are characterized vagina is already a problem in this type of cancer stage IV.

3. Constipation
You have to defecate one to three days on a regular basis. Do not ignore the problem of constipation that occurs in more than three days because of constipation may indicate a blockage in the digestive tract, Tumo, or prolapse of the colon. This should immediately consult a physician.

4. Headache
Although headache is a pain that is very familiar to most people, but sometimes a headache can also indicate a serious problem like a brain tumor or meningitis.

If your headache with stiff neck, fever, vomiting or lasts for a long time (more than a few days), it should consult a physician.
Do not ignore headaches as well that suddenly accompanied by slurred speech, vision problems, difficulty in moving arms and legs, loss of balance, confusion or memory loss.

Do not ignore also the headache that gets worse over a period of 24 hours and a headache that occurs because of an injury.

5. Toothache and pain in the face
Dr. Kathy Gruver, a physician and author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet had met with a patient who complained of a toothache and also feel the pain on his face.
It turned out that the patient is suffering from herpes zoster in the facial nerve in the long term. Because it is not treated quickly, it leads to painful and permanent neuropathy in the face that can cause blindness.

6. Diarrhea
If you have diarrhea for more than a few days, do not stay silent! This could indicate serious problems, such as the growth of parasites in the stomach, cancer, problems in the pancreas, gall bladder and much more.

Use anti-diarrhea drugs are not an appropriate solution for the situation that has been bad, you can lose body fluids and need hospital treatment.

7. Acid reflux
Acid reflux can cause heartburn, dental erosion and asthma symptoms such as stomach contents are aspirated into the lungs. Acid reflux can also cause cancer of the esophagus.

This condition is a disease caused by progressive deterioration of anti-reflux valve in the esophagus. Talk with your doctor about the best treatment for you.

Want a Healthy Heart? Avoid Fragrances Room

Maybe you have applied a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly, not smoking and eating a healthy diet to maintain heart health. But there are little things around you that can cause heart damage, the air freshener.

According to a new study in Environmental Health Perspectives, spraying air freshener or spent several hours in a scented candle burning every day can cause damage to the heart.
The findings were based on studies conducted in Switzerland has long been associated with air pollution with lung and heart diseases that involve adults over the age of 50 years.

A total of 581 adults involved in the study were asked to complete a questionnaire based on the use of cleaning products, air fresheners, perfumes and other household products.

Then the participants underwent an electrocardiograms for 24 hours so the researchers can monitor the heart rate as a marker of cardiovascular health.

"People who use spray air freshener in the long term is most likely to show reduced heart rate variability which is often a sign of heart problems and heart damage," said Amar J. Mehta, ScD, MPH, a researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health as reported from Rodale

Mehta was not sure what components are contained in air fresheners can cause changes in heart rate. Perhaps the reason is air freshener materials can react with ozone, common indoor air pollutants, and to form other compounds that can harm the heart.

For example, materials such as air fresheners that give the smell of pine terpenes or citrus have been found to react with aldehydes to form ozone and toxic pollutants linked to heart disease and diabetes.

To eliminate the bad odor in the room, you can perform a simple alternative but more healthy such as:

1. Boil the orange peel
Instead of lemon-scented spray synthetic fragrances, better boil lemon peel, orange peel, or skin of any other fruit you like for 30 minutes to freshen the room.
Add some spice if you like such as cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom.

2. Charcoal
Charcoal activated carbon is very nice nose piercing repel odors like the smell of garbage, litter boxes, and cigarette smoke.
You can use your small carbon filter designed to be placed in trash cans, refrigerators, or other smelly places.

3. Coffee grounds
Coffee grounds can magically absorb odors. Put the dry coffee grounds in a clean old sock and hang it in your closet to repel odors.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This is What Happen when Snore Often

Snoring occurs due to compromised airway due to blockage of airflow in the nose and mouth. When snoring occurs continuously, there are health effects that you should be aware of.

Obstruction of the airways makes you struggle to breathe during sleep, causing the upper throat and tongue to the roof joins the mouth and shaking. This is what causes the loud noise came out during sleep.

Often, snoring can also be a symptom of more serious disorders. Snoring can be associated with obesity, aging, and possibly the effects of tranquilizers or alcohol. Eating right before bed can also increase the incidence of snoring.

These effects often occur when you snore, as reported by Livestrong

1. Sleep time is reduced
Snoring can cause disruptions in sleep. Continuous snoring can cause sleep deprivation, which can affect your quality of life.
Lack of sleep can affect mood, stress levels, sexuality, ability to restrain appetite and others.

2. Sleep apnea
Sleep apnea refers to cessation of breathing for short periods. Each episode of sleep apnea will have a duration of more than 10 seconds.

There may be up to seven events in one hour of sleep apnea, and to 30 to 300 episodes of sleep apnea per night, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology.
Sleep apnea can reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood, which change the rhythm of the heart pumping.

Blood pressure levels will also rise with the sleep apnea is in progress. Also, the heart may increase in size when disturbance takes place.
In the more severe cases, snoring and sleep apnea can cause strokes and heart attacks.

3. Stress on the marital relationship
Loud snoring sound that can add stress to a relationship. If one partner can not sleep because of snoring couples, the relationship can become more difficult. Snoring make sleep an agonizing time for the couple, because they have to get up many times because of loud snoring.

4. Lose the motivation to exercise
Snoring can weaken the will to exercise and exercise. Snoring can make the body weaker, so it does not have the energy needed for exercise.
Over time, snoring can cause an overall decline in health.

5. Trouble at work
People who snore may have problems at work because of lack of sleep. If there is ongoing work to reduce productivity and threaten the ability to focus on the detailed work.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hitler Sex Secrets : Bull Testis Extract Injection to Increase Libido

Adolf Hitler is known as one who simply feared dictator of his time. But who would have thought, the dictator would never inject bull testicle extract to help his sex life.

A successful private medical records reveal some medical conditions that are owned by the dictator Adolf Hitler. He was known to suffer from abdominal bloating which makes the wind have to spend on the sidelines of their time eating.

But the results are quite astonishing is that he has a problem with your sex life with his girlfriend Eva Braun. He's been known to inject himself with extract from bull testicles to increase libido (sex drive), as quoted by

In addition evidence from doctors suggests he used cocaine powder to soothe the sinuses and throat conditions, and ate 28 kinds of treatment are known, one of them taking anti-flatulence in large numbers.

Medical condition which is owned by Hitler is known after a rare postcard of Hitler has recently emerged after a century sent by the dictator to his friend Karl Lanzhammer.

The letter came to light when the owners who want to remain anonymous took him to Munich roadshow undertaken by Europeana digital innovation project set up Oxford University and the British Library. These files are expected to be auctioned in Connecticut, USA.

The use of extracts of bull testes is known as one of China's traditional aphrodisiac. It is known from bull testicles is used because the rich content of testosterone, as reported by Dailymail.

Potent nature of this bull testis has long been used in India in which users could swear increase sexual passion, while couples in China claims as its effect is more powerful aphrodisiac than viagra.

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Avoid Eating This Foods if Dont Want Difficult Defecation

Constipation or constipation most often are usually caused by the body to eat less fiber. If you do not want a bowel obstruction should avoid some foods follows. To avoid constipation, usually many health experts recommend to the emphasis on eating foods that contain fiber, like fruits and vegetables.
In addition, you should also avoid some foods that can trigger constipation, as reported by timesofindia

1. Processed foods
Frozen foods, burger or pizza can make the morning you will be hard for a bowel obstruction. When food is preserved, depleted of essential nutrients will be lost, plus the materials used such as flour or Maida is used almost in all the pizza, bread and noodles.

2. Red meat
Eating red meat such as beef or pork on a regular basis, without balanced with vegetables, you may experience constipation. Get used to eat red meat accompanied by a salad, cooked vegetables, whole grain cereal or something that is rich in fiber.

3. Caffeine
Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea or cola can make the body hydrated and dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation.

4. Fried
Fried foods contain much oil and salt has some risk for digestive health, one of which slow down the digestive process.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sleep Min 9 hours Can Against Fat Causing genes

For people who do have a fat-causing genes, diet and exercise alone are sometimes not successful weight control. Adequate rest is also required, not just 7 hours per day but at least 9 hours each day.
A study of 1088 pairs of twins showed that the longer the time spent sleeping is the influence of genetic factors on body weight dwindle. This means that although a fat gene, the body can still be thin enough from his sleep.

But sleep is said to be quite a bit different than suggested so far is 7 -8 hours a day. According to this research, sleep time is considered sufficient to counter the influence of fat-causing gene is at least 9 hours a day.
The research was conducted by experts from the University of Washington, involving 1088 pairs of twins are considered to have high genetic similarity. The results of this study have been published in the journal Sleep, published recently.

Previously, various studies have shown that several genes in the human body greatly affect weight. These genes affect energy metabolism, the process of stockpiling and burning fat into energy and hunger signal settings.
"The results of this study indicate that short sleep time to make stronger environmental influences on the expression of genes associated with obesity," said Dr. Nathaniel Watson who led the study, as quoted by the Telegraph.

Recognizing that the results of this study is still too early to conclude, Dr. Watson believes that adequate rest will greatly affect the success of the diet.

Getting plenty of sleep, the influence of genes that cause fat diet becomes increasingly less effective.

The Cheap Price Healthy Nutrition

You need to meet your daily nutritional needs by eating healthy foods. Most people tend to think that to implement a healthy diet costly. But there are some foods that are inexpensive but have a huge benefit to your health.

Photo from
Here are 8 kinds of healthy foods which you can get easily and cheaply, as quoted from allyou

1. Peanut butter
Peanut butter is a food that is cheap and offers protein and unsaturated fats that are essential for a healthy heart. Spread peanut butter on white bread for your breakfast menu.

2. Eggs
You do not need to reach into your pocket deeper to buy eggs. Eggs are a source of lean protein at an affordable price. Eggs also contain vitamin B12, riboflavin and phosphorus.

3. Wheat oatmeal
Oatmeal is made ​​from wheat and whole grains can help lower LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood. Oatmeal is available in delicious flavors, but the price is also affordable.

4. Apple
The fruit is a source of vitamin C and rich in fiber is good for your digestive system.

5. Spinach
Spinach is a leafy green vegetables are rich in vitamins (A, C, K), folic acid and iron. Spinach can be enjoyed as a vegetable, snack chips spinach and spinach juice drinks. These vegetables are very cheap and easily grown in your yard in order to further save on your expenses.

6. Bean
Peanut is the food tastes good and provides a full protein fiber, acid calcium, folate, iron and other minerals.

7. Sweet potato
Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and good source of vitamins A and B6. You can get it at an affordable price and can dikreasikan a variety of foods such as sweet potato fries and a variety of sweet cakes.

8. Brown rice
Brown rice is a source of vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese that is needed by the body.

This How To Not Sick At Fun Family Holidays

The weekend is a good time for a vacation with the family. During the holidays, make sure the condition of the body stay fit and healthy.

Photo taken from GraceFamily At Flickr
"The main thing is to make sure the correct food intake and keep moving physically active while traveling. Vacation planning requires a pretty mature, "said Stephanie Pysher, sports and nutrition expert at the Loudoun County Kids' Nutrition & Exercise Examiner as reported by the

Consume too much junk food and lack of physical activity can make a vacation detrimental to health. Here are some tips to keep a family vacation fun and healthy.

A. Rest Often
If you traveling by car, a lot of time spent sitting. Old sitting stiff and can cause muscle aches. Rest frequently if you feel tired. Sport like hiking or camping is a good choice because all the muscles moving and easy to do with the whole family.

B. Bring a healthy snack
Took with them much more practical and economical than buying snacks every time you stop at along the way. Fruits such as oranges, pears, apples, bananas, raisins and other dried fruit can be packed. So is cheese, crackers, dry cereals, and beans.

C. Bring enough water
If the distance traveled far enough, be sure to stay hydrated before, during, and after the trip. Dehydration can affect mental ability and concentration.

D. Bring your instrument or object to exercise.
Do a family favorite sports such as badminton, volleyball, throwing catching balls, etc.. This game will be more fun if done while away from home. Try to plan in advance of the most enjoyable game before leaving.

E. Balance your diet
If the house has a lot to eat meat, vacation time is the time to eat lots of vegetables. If you consume a lot of cereal at home, eat protein multiply during the holidays. In addition to changing the routine, this pattern is important for nutrients that enter the body stay in balance.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Benefit of Tea

Tea is a beverage typical of the people of Indonesia. These drinks are often used as a banquet in a variety of events. But behind the variety of taste, tea also has many benefits. This range benefits from drinking tea.

There are different kinds of tea are consumed by the public. Not only that, the tea also contains many natural chemicals that have various benefits.

Here are some natural chemicals and the benefits of drinking tea, as reported by timesofindia :

1. Dilation of blood vessels
Flavonoids in tea can improve blood vessel dilation, which causes the heart function better.

2. Reduce the risk of stroke
Consume 3 to 4 cups of tea per day may reduce the risk of ischemic stroke by 21 percent.

3. Regeneration of the skin
Polyphenols are abundant in green tea can reactivate dying skin cells and protects the body from the ravages of aging and the effects of pollution.

4. Anti-cancer properties
Antioxidant polyphenols found in tea also has anti-cancer properties.

5. L-theanine
L-theanine found in green and black tea can assist in calming the mind and helps you to focus on the task.

6. Strong Teeth
Tea also contains fluoride which can make teeth stronger. Oolong tea from China, contain the most catechins, antimicrobial compounds that could prevent caries or cavities. Another type of tea that have antimicrobial properties that most closely to Oolong Tea is Black Tea.

7. Against Flu
Black tea may increase the body's fight against the flu.

8. Lose weight
Tea, if no milk, no calories, helping to reduce weight.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

7 Foods to Create Muscles

Sturdy muscle groups and great is often acquired with adequate energy, fluids, protein, and physical physical exercise to enhance muscle groups. Drink a lot of fluids, eat food items prosperous in energy correct in conjunction with bodily work out can make males more muscular.

Well balanced meals consumption as proposed through the Dietary Pointers 2010 is a superb foundation for setting up a eating habits. According into the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and American Higher education of Sports activities Medication (ACSM), a prescription to get a good muscle condition will be to meet up with a well balanced diet regime with good enough energy to help bodily workout.

ADA and ACSM encourage the consumption of calories, including fat and protein. These suggestions with the emphasis on five or more daily servings of fruit and veggies, grains, cereals, beans, and ample fluid. Good enough fluid is required for optimum hydration.

To acquire the results of physical physical exercise that aims to create muscle, it requires a mix of nutritious carbs and protein. Protein is important for developing and repairing muscle. Although carbs can offer power for fuel.

However it unquestionably can not hope to obtain excellent muscle mass by simply consuming protein alone.

"Protein can serve to build muscle mass if it really is accompanied by bodily workouts that intention to menbentuk muscle mass," claims Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RD and editor editor of your ADA's Sports Diet Guide.

The authorities recommend a eating habits that will serve to develop muscle mass as quoted by WebMD, among other folks:

A. Fruit and veggies
Vegetables and fruit are the basis of all nutritious diet program. Usually involve a wholesome eating plan of fruit and veggies simply because it might provide fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and fluids. Veggies also include smaller quantities of protein.

B. Low-fat milk
Low-fat milk can offer high-quality protein, carbs, and critical nutritional vitamins these types of as vitamin D, potassium, and calcium.

Rosenbloom and Clark suggests chocolate milk like a great drink for recovery right after bodily exercise. If a person is lactose intolerance, may well have the opportunity to select yogurt with lively cultures.

C. Meat
Meat is a resource of protein, iron, and amino acids, which includes leucine. The articles of iron in meat is valuable to transport oxygen on the muscles. "The vitamins in meat can set off muscle development," says Rosenbloom.

D. Dim chicken meat
Skinless chicken is pretty good for lower excess fat. Nonetheless, by selecting a dim chicken meat and improve by twenty five % iron, and zinc higher three instances to help receive a healthful immune system.

E. Eggs
2010 Dietary Guidelines state that, one egg daily is nice for a healthier diet plan, but will not discard the yolk. "Eggs include the many critical amino acids while in the protein and half the egg yolks with other vitamins this kind of as lutein has the eye health advantages," claims Rosenbloom.

F. Bean
Raw nuts with out salt or baked beans are very good sources of protein that also has vitamins, anti-oxidants, fiber and balanced fats.

G. Cereals
Grain top quality carbohydrates, and comprise small amounts of protein. A small amount of protein in grains can give electrical power and develop muscle, in conjunction with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

Wakeup in the middle of the night is good for health

Usually people worry if awakened from slumber at nighttime. Nevertheless, some proof suggests rest for 8 several hours a night time is just not truly all-natural. Which normally would be to sleep each and every 4 hrs and after that awaken for just one or two hours, then snooze for 4 hrs.

A psychiatrist named Thomas Wehr conducted experiments through which a group of individuals had been asked to sleep 14 several hours each and every day for your thirty day period. It takes time for individuals to generally be able to control his sleep designs. Inside the fourth week, every one of the individuals have already been in a position to regulate slumber patterns. Participants slept for four several hours, then get up for one particular or two several hours then sleep for four several hours.

Not only that, a scientist named Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech printed a paper made up of study for sixteen decades. He expressed plenty of historical evidence that people in historic moments used to sleeping for 2 occasions in one night.

His book 'At Day's Near: Night in Times Past' is made up of much more than 500 reference styles of slumber diaries, court information, health information and guides of literature. This book describes the very first sleep begins about two hrs immediately after dusk, then woke up for just one or two hours after which sleep once again for a 2nd time.

Over the period among the 2 wake up in bed, your body is very lively. People today frequently get up, go to the toilet or smoke and in some cases stop by a few of the neighbors. But most of the people stay in bed, read through, write and pray usually. There have been lots of textbooks about the countless prayers of your 15th century includes a specific prayer for hours in involving two of slumber.

The directions from the physician in 16th-century French encouraged the couple that is not the very best time for you to conceive right after operating all day, but just after the very first riser, that may be if the ambiance is much more relaxed and greater sex.

Supports the idea that the 1st and 2nd sleep is setting up to vanish throughout the seventeenth century's. Presumably it is owing to upper-class circles in Northern Europe reduce the practice of sleeping for 8 hrs on a daily basis all through the West. In 1920, the very first and 2nd sleep routines are completely misplaced.

"At evening within the 17th century relate to a lot of things that are not fantastic. Night time will be the time it was inhabited by evil men, prostitutes and drunks. There is certainly no prestige or social values ??involved with remaining up all night," states the historian, Craig Koslofsky, creator of 'Evening's Empire' as documented from the BBC.

Nowadays, most people seem to have adapted to sleep for 8 hours straight. But Ekirch believes which the sheer quantity of snooze issues at present happens with the body's normal urge to rest was interrupted each and every four hours. That is why many individuals who claim to insomnia and don't readily drop asleep once again.

"A large amount of people today awake during the night after which panic. I explain to them that what they can be experiencing is really a individual rest styles and it is really superior for them. Over 30% of well being difficulties that come about because of rest, possibly directly or indirectly," says Russell Foster, professor of neuroscience at Oxford University human body.

Jacobs suggests the time period amongst waking may well perform an essential position for human beings to handle anxiety obviously. In historical information, it was uncovered that lots of persons who employed time to reflect on his aspiration.

"Currently only a few individuals who do this. It is not just coincidence that in fashionable life, the sheer number of people suffering from nervousness, pressure, depression, booze dependence and drug abuse growing up," states Dr. Jacobs.

So, if awakened during the middle of your evening, feel of habits in the people during the past and take it easy. Because it awakened in the middle of the night time could be very good for overall health.

Changes to Vagina After Childbirth

The vagina is normally improved just after supplying birth, and may truly feel extra extensive, dry or sore for quite a while. Then it is actually necessary to figure out a means to help pace up recovery.

When supplying birth, a baby goes in the cervix and out throughout the vagina, which can be also referred to as the birth canal. The entrance into the vagina needed to stretch to allow the child out. Sometimes the epidermis amongst the vagina and anus (perineum) may perhaps be torn or minimize by a physician to allow the infant out.

After obtaining a toddler, it's actually not abnormal for ladies to come to feel the vagina turns into additional lax or more dry, and have problems or problems through sex. About any adjustments that manifest inside the vagina immediately after childbirth and how to speed up recovery?

Listed here are some variations while in the vagina immediately after childbirth, as quoted from NHSChoices, amid some others:

A. The vagina is wider
"The vagina will seem broader than in the past. Vagina may possibly come to feel looser, softer plus more open. Vagina also seems to be and feels bruised or swollen. This ailment is typical, and also the inflammation began to lower after a several times right after birth," stated Dr. Suzy Elneil, a expert in the urogynaecology, University Higher education Hospital, London.

The vagina might not be again in full as when right before birth, but this should really not be a problem. Industry experts advocate pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic ground exercises, at times named Kegel physical exercises can reinforce the vaginal muscle tissue and pelvic muscular tissues.

Kegel workout routines will even assist protect against incontinence, or perhaps the so-called repeated urination and could assist the vagina come to feel tighter. Pelvic floor work outs is often waged anywhere and at anytime, possibly sitting or standing.

B. Dryness of your vagina
Is often a usual problem in case the vagina was drier than standard right after offering birth. This issue is associated with decrease levels of estrogen within the physique. For nursing moms, lessen ranges of estrogen than in gals who really don't breastfeed.

When it has stopped breastfeeding and menstrual period is back to normal, then it'll return to standard estrogen amounts. If dryness is quite disturbing, then consult with a medical professional. If it has started owning sex again, and vaginal dryness producing the problem, then it may make use of a lubricant.

C. Soreness and stitches in the perineum
"Regional vagina can sense pain or problems within the time period straight away soon after birth. This issue ordinarily improves within 6-12 weeks following delivery. The experts often recommend pelvic flooring exercise routines to aid make the vaginal ecosystem is promptly enhanced," explained Dr. Elneil.

Perineum can sense discomfort, especially if the pores and skin tear or will need stitches to repair a tear or episiotomy following delivery. Painkillers will help, but when that you are breastfeeding then berkosultasilah with the medical doctor in the event you will take a painkiller over the marketplace.

It is vital to keep the perineum space to keep thoroughly clean. When you are worried about how the stitches will mend, then chat towards your doctor, specifically critical if you have many ache or pain or if there is certainly an unusual odor.

D. Suffering for the duration of intercourse
There may be no appropriate or incorrect time for you to begin obtaining intercourse again immediately after obtaining a infant. But usually do not hurry when you however experience discomfort through intercourse. Should the vagina is dry, attempt applying a lubricant through sex. Should you have pain inside the perineum, then you definately really should right away consult with a physician.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Six Reasons Why Peoples are Lazy using Sun Cream

One of the easiest ways to slow the aging process is to wear sun protective cream or sunscreen. Although only stayed worn and smeared on his face was a lot of lazy people wear them. Why?

In a survey in 2008, nearly half of respondents said that did not use sunscreen at all. Here are 6 reasons why women do not use sunscreen, as quoted from the Prevention :

1. Sunscreens cause acne
Fear of aggravating acne is the number one reason women avoid sunscreen. But the sun actually stimulates the oil glands in the skin, thus causing clogged pores.

2. Prefer to use make-up
Using sunscreen is often too heavy if applied prior to makeup application specific. However, do not use sunscreen supposing such as committing suicide on the skin.

Potential of sunscreen decreases after a few hours in the sun, and just 10 minutes of sun exposure each day to get UVA rays cause aging.

UVA rays are known to cause changes that lead to wrinkles and black spots on the skin within a few months.

3. Sunscreen is not effective after sweating
"Sweating reduces the effectiveness of sunscreen, so it should not wipe the skin to sweat," says James Spencer, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Look for sunscreens labeled as waterproof or sports or sweat-resistant, which means it's proven to protect for 80 minutes. However, it should be safe to use repeatedly.

4. Sunscreens can irritate sensitive skin
Sunscreens are chemicals that absorb UV rays, so it may cause irritation. Then choose sunscreen products containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which rarely cause skin sensitivity.

Many sunscreen products that can quickly absorb into the skin, and fragrance-free, thus further reducing the possibility of irritation.

5. Sunscreen makes the face look greasy
Even some oil free moisturizer formula also causes the skin to look oily. Sunscreens are often too heavy to be applied under makeup. As a result, many women rely on makeup that contain SPF.

6. Has already occurred sun-damaged skin
People get less than 25 percent of total sun exposure at age 18. No matter the age, you should use sunscreen every day to reduce damage and allow the skin to make the repair process.

Avoid Risk of Stroke by Sunbathing

It has long been known that exposure to sunlight is sufficient to nourish the body. New research shows that the amount of sun exposure may play a role in determining the risk of stroke.

Photo from Flickr
"We heard a lot about how the sun may be bad for the body, for example in terms of skin cancer. But in sun exposure studies indicate that there may be some positive outcomes associated with exposure to sunlight," says Leslie McClure, a professor of biostatistics at the University of Alabama , as reported by the Birmingham everydayhealth.

Prof. McClure and his colleagues will present their findings on February 6, 2012 meeting of the American Stroke Association in New Orleans.

To explore the possible connection between the sun and stroke, researchers analyzed data collected from an ongoing study involving more than 30,000 black men and white women over the age of 45 years.

The research team focused on the approximately 16 500 participants, which none had a history of stroke or heart disease when they were enrolled in this study. The study took place between the years 2003-2007. All study participants underwent a physical examination.

In addition, all study participants completed questionnaires about their medical history and where they had lived in the past. During follow-up for 5 years, some 351 of 16 500 had a stroke.

The results showed that those who have a range of low sun exposure risk 1.6 times more likely to suffer a stroke than those getting more sun exposure.

The research team also found evidence that those who live in areas with cold climates also showed a higher risk for stroke.

"We still do not know what causes sun exposure associated with risk of stroke. There are many hypotheses, but we really do not understand the mechanism," said Prof. McClure.

Areas with exposure to sunlight may also have low vitamin D levels. Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with higher risk for stroke.

Other studies also revealed that people who consume more vitamin D had 11 percent lower risk of stroke.

Friday, February 3, 2012

What to Do to Prevent Blood Sugar Not Height ?

Controlling blood sugar levels to remain normal is quite difficult, because many things affect. But do not worry, there are several ways you can do to prevent high blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar levels are not only influenced by the food, because of fever or stress can increase blood sugar even if temporary. When high blood sugar levels usually arise feelings of anxiety or self-blame.
Photo from Flickr

Here are 6 things to do when blood sugar is too high, as quoted from the Health :

1. Test blood sugar before meals and 2 hours after eating
This test can be to find out how well the medication to control blood sugar. This test will also explain the kinds of foods that raise blood sugar and thus should be avoided.

2. Looking for patterns

If high blood sugar in the morning at one time, it is not a big deal. If it continues to occur, with increased quite significantly. When there is an increase in blood sugar that often enough, then the most important thing is to find patterns.

If high blood sugar every morning, probably means that the liver produces too much sugar in the evening. These conditions require new drugs or additional drugs.

3. Make some small changes
May be trying to get more exercise, or limit carbohydrates.

4. Review the food and beverage that has been consumed
When found checking blood sugar is high, it is necessary to review the food or beverage that has been consumed. After finding the things that might be a trigger, then you should avoid those foods.

5. Calm
Not only is the food or drinks that can increase blood sugar. Blood sugar can be increased when someone was having a lot of stress. So when it was found that high blood sugar checks, should be more casual and relaxed.

6. Consider consulting with a doctor

If you think has done a lot of ways to control blood sugar levels, but to no avail. Should consult with your doctor and taking certain drugs that are prescribed appropriate.

Diabetes is a progressive disease over time, the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin can stop making insulin. The doctor will analyze more in depth and perform additional testing to determine if there is a bigger problem.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Safe sex for Heart Disease Patients

The American Heart Association declared sexual activity is generally not harmful to people with heart disease. Even so the patient must consult a doctor regularly.

Sexual activity need to be aware what if the disease is not controlled. The heart association also add that further research is needed regarding the influence of sex on the cardiovascular system of women and the elderly who have special conditions.

Sexual activity is expressed makes sense for patients mild angina (chest pain) and those who suffered a mild heart disease, and heart disease patients who had no complaints. Patients who suffer from heart rate (atrial fibrillation) are controlled is also safe to have sex.

"In fact, for most patients with heart disease risk from sexual activity is low. Most patients whose disease is stable sexual activity can be equated with mild or moderate exercise such as walking or climbing stairs several floors," said Dr.Glenn Levine, of Baylor College of Medicine .

The heart disease patients are often reluctant to ask the doctor about the dangers of sexual relationships for their condition, but actually there are concerns that in mind. "We want to encourage doctors to discuss this in their patients," says Levine.

In a study by Levine, an acute heart attack associated with sexual activity, including rare, only less than one percent.

For people who have had heart attacks, sexual intercourse increases the risk of attacks coming back even though the risk is low. "The risk increased from 10 per 1 million per hour to 20-30 per 1 million per hour," wrote the researchers.

In addition to sudden death during sex is actually a rare occurrence. But when it does occur is usually experienced by men and she was having sex with a partner is not valid. "In general with a younger partner, not a familiar place, or after consuming alcohol and certain foods," he added.

The statement also mentioned heart disease patients whose disease is stable or severe symptoms should avoid sexual activity is just as risky sport.

Things to avoid is the erectile dysfunction drug consumption in patients suffering from chest pain. However, in patients with post-menopausal women, estrogen use a smeared or inserted into the vagina to reduce pain during penetration declared safe.

"If you are an active person and have no symptoms, then it is safe sex. But if often arise complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath or heart palpitations, sexual activity should be avoided," said Pande Dr.Reene, heart disease doctor.

It also underlined the importance of this statement is the physician and patient communication. "Communication is the main thing, we will not know if there is a problem if the patient does not express it," said Pande.

4 Everyday Habits that Cause Skin Fast Old

Old skin is not only due to age. Many people do not think that the common practice of everyday also makes the skin wrinkles and look older. What?

"Many people do not think that the habits which they say okay it is a cause of premature aging," says Mary P. Lupo, MD, a dermatologist from New Orleans, as reported by on Monday (1/30/2012).

Here it is bad habits that can accelerate aging:

1. Wearing facial cleansing scrub containing

During this time people thought that the scrub can remove the dirt in the face better, but according to Lupo, cleaners that contain scrub makes your skin irritated and eroded. In the end, the skin will look older.

"We recommend using a cleanser without soap scrub, or if you have time could use a little baking soda and warm water as a facial cleanser to remove dead skin cells," advises Lupo.

2. Frequent bathing with warm water

The habit of bathing in warm water causes the fat layer that protects the skin cells become damaged and reduce humidity. Body fat will indeed restore the damaged was a few hours later, but as long as the fat is gone, the body continues to release moisture so that the symptoms appear wrinkled.

For that, Lupo suggests if you want to shower with warm water, do not get more than 10 minutes. Bathing with warm water does feel very comfortable and convenient, but if over time is not good for the skin.

3. Jump to comb the hair after a shower

Usually after a shower, the next habit to do is comb my hair. Apparently, according to Lupo habits can damage skin cells and makes hair fall out even faster bald. We recommend that you trim the hair first before bathing and better yet use a toner to strengthen hair.

4. Sleeping face down or face to the stomach

Be careful with your sleeping position. If your face while sleeping face down (the stomach), get ready for faster wrinkled. "The force of gravity makes the blood flow pulled down, and the eyes will look swell.

If this happens every night, skin can lose elasticity and collagen formed eye bags that make a person look older, "said Lupo.'d Better try to sleep with a flat pillow. Using a pillow of satin and silk materials can also reduce the risk of wrinkles.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recognize the Bad Side of Honey

Many people who know the benefits of honey, but it turns out there is a downside. What are they?

Honey is not new and has become a popular food all over the world because of its multifunctional alias is useful for many things, such as for cooking, making drinks, also for health.

Honey is a natural sweetener produced by honey bees. Bees alight flowers then fly to their nests in order to calm the honey-making process through a process of digestion (digestion) and evaporation (evaporation) of water in the womb so that the honey they produce is reduced a lot, which is about 18 percent.

Honey has many uses, both internally and externally. But if too much is consumed, honey can cause effects that affect the body. Although not a serious health problem, but can cause stomach upset. Because, honey contains various types of acids, one amino acid manite (manite acid). Healtmad So that was launched on Monday (1/30/2012).

Effect manite acid

When the honey is taken in large quantities, manite acid reacts with proteins in the stomach. The results of the reaction is ammonia, alcohol, and carbonic acid. All this is a poison that can cause disturbances in the stomach.

If honey met with starchy foods, will undergo fermentation in the stomach. This led to the formation of gas that can cause discomfort.

Infant botulism

Do not give honey to infants who have not even a year old. Because, honey contain bacterial spores that produce Clostridium Botulinium toxic substances and can cause infant botulism disease.

Although spores of Clostridium Botulinium inactive and harmless to adults, they are dangerous for babies under 12 months. Because the baby's digestion is not perfect, then they are capable of multiplying and forming toxins. Infant botulism can be treated if detected early. However, it can kill the baby if not taken care of.

Grape Seed Extract Effectively Kill Cancer Cells

WINE is more often used in industry as a beverage maker. But now, grape seed extract also useful to ensure the cancer cells.

In its performance as a cancer cell killer drug, grape seed extract rich in vitamin E and contain flavonoids, linoleic acid, and polyphenols were able to create conditions that are unfavorable to the growth of cancer due to DNA damage the cells and stop their development paths.

"This effect is quite dramatic," said Rajesh Agarwal, researchers from the Center for Cancer Studies University of Colorado, as reported by the Times of India, on Monday (1/30/2012).

According to Agarwal, the cancer cells grow rapidly. Because when there are conditions in which they can not grow, they will die.

"The bottom line with this grape extract, developmental pathways of cancer cells will be damaged. So that cells can not grow rapidly and will die," added Agarwal.

What To Do If Sudden Fainting Want?

Fainting or loss of consciousness is often fatal because when you fall The impact could lead to serious injury. For that some things can be done when you feel dizzy, so as not to be passed out or at least able to avoid injury.

The most common cause of fainting is the reduction in blood pressure is temporary and will recover in no time. Symptoms appear before fainting include headache, eye dizzy, floating body feels and looks pale.

Because the trigger was low blood pressure, then some things can be done as quoted by Betterhealth, Friday (27/01/2012) is as follows:

1. Lying with your feet higher
Hold this position for about 10 minutes, then gravity would redistribute the blood pressure which was originally terpusah in the legs and lower body. When the blood pressure in the head and upper body increases, then the symptoms will usually want to pass out soon diminished.

2. Sit back and keep your head
If not found a place that allows it to lie down, immediately sat down and keep your head as low. The goal is the same as lying, which utilize gravity to help the heart pump blood to the head and upper body.

3. Fan-fan and stay away from the crowd
When blood pressure goes down, the blood's ability to distribute oxygen is reduced so that the symptoms will worsen going to faint. This condition can be overcome by seeking fresh air, for example by avoiding crowds or the fans if the agency also began to feel hot.

In addition to the 3 way, make sure the body's fluid needs are met because most people are so easily collapsed while dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, if necessary provide a stimulating smells like eucalyptus oil to relieve the symptoms.

In most people, fainting is not seriously affected and will recover in a few moments. But it never hurts to see a doctor immediately, because often fainting also could indicate the presence of chronic diseases such as anemia or anemia, diabetes and even heart problems.

Food and Beverages That Can Trigger Migraines

Headaches or migraines are not lethal, but if not addressed will greatly interfere with the activity and productivity. Nothing wrong with that you avoid foods and drinks that can trigger a migraine. What?

Migraine is a neurological problem that causes pain, nausea and sensitivity to light. These headaches can be debilitating, sometimes preceded by visual disturbances, known as aura.

Certain foods and drinks can trigger migraine recurrence, as reported by Livestrong, Saturday (01/28/2012):

1. Dairy products
Makanana or drink dairy products which are commonly associated with migraine. According SteadyHealth, dairy products contain histamine, which may be responsible for causing chemical changes that lead to migraine. Eating sour cream, yogurt or buttermilk in particular can trigger a migraine.

2. Tyramine
Other migraine triggers are foods that contain tyramine. Tyramine usually are found mainly in cheese, mozzarella or cheddar.

3. Meat products
Food from meat products can also cause migraines. Meat contains a lot of nitrate associated with migraine. If you suffer from migraines, avoid hot dogs, pepperoni, sausage, sardines, ham, pickled herring, chicken liver, bologna, salami, caviar, according to experts from the University of California, Berkeley. Also avoid processed meats with a meat tenderizer or soy sauce.

4. Fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables also can contain chemicals that trigger migraines. Fruit is associated with an increased frequency of migraine include papaya, red plums, raisins, figs and ripe avocados and bananas.

While the vegetables that often trigger migraines include peas, onion, garlic, green beans, olives, pickles and sauerkraut.

5. Yeast
Fresh foods containing yeast may also be responsible for migraine headaches. If you have problems with migraines, avoid eating freshly baked bread and other baked goods like donuts.

6. Beverages
Some beverages also associated with migraine headaches. Alcohol, red wine, can increase the likelihood of migraine, because they contain chemicals known as tannins.

Caffeine is also a potential trigger, so that people who suffer from migraines should avoid caffeine, like coffee, tea and soft drinks. Chocolate can also cause migraine headaches.

7. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) or MSG is a chemical additive that is often used to enhance flavor and is most often found in Chinese food and some salty snacks. These compounds can also trigger migraines.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Music Can Make Smart and Against Pain

Music has been widely used as therapy to cope with various symptoms of depression and anxiety. Apparently, there are many other health benefits of music. The amount of this benefit is still unexplored by researchers.

"There's something about music and engaging in musical activities that seem very stimulating for the brain and body. Sing your favorite songs with family and friends, playing in a band or dancing to music can also strengthen ties with other people," says neuroscientist, Dr. Petr Janata of the University of California, Davis as reported, Monday (01/30/2012).

Reducing pain

Some studies have found that listening to music can reduce pain. Other studies have shown that music can be beneficial for patients with heart disease by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.

Music therapy has also been shown to lift the spirits of patients with depression. Create your own music, either playing musical instruments or singing, can have therapeutic effects as well.

When listening to or involved in the music that makes happy, relaxed, contemplative, the body will have the effect of deep relaxation such as sleep, warm baths, and lower overall stress levels.

Improve the ability of the brain

There are several studies that show how music can enhance brain function. In one study, a clinical psychologist Charles Emery of Ohio State University studied the effects of music on people who listen to them for regular exercise.

Emery and his team tested 33 men and women who were in the final weeks of cardiac rehabilitation programs. Each participant was tested for the ability to mentally after exercising without music and exercising with music.

The result, on average, participants received scores more than doubled when listening to music after a workout without listening to music than after exercise. The selected music is Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons".

Previous studies by other scientists suggests that music helps patients with lung disease to mental abilities may work better.

Emery thought the same benefits can be gained by listening to all kinds of music, not just classical music. He theorized that the "Four Seasons" can stimulate mental performance because of its complexity forcing the brain to regulate nerve transmission.

"But other types of music may work better for some people. I do not think there is anything special on the music of Vivaldi or classical music that would trigger an increase in brain function," Emery said.

Improve intelligence

Several other studies have illustrated that listening to music is a business that is more complex than it seems. The human brain to sort out the tone, timing, and sequencing of sound to understand the music.

Believed that the frontal lobes of the brain is stimulated and activated when listening to music. Because the area is part of the brain associated with higher mental functions such as abstract thinking or planning.

Frances Rauscher, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and her colleagues found that listening to Mozart's music can enhance people in the field of mathematical reasoning and spatial abilities.

In fact, mice that run mazes faster and more accurately after hearing Mozart. According to Rauscher, Mozart piano sonata seems to stimulate the activity of three genes involved in nerve cell signals in the brain.

Listening to music is one way of listening to music passively to obtain benefits for the brain. But a more stimulating brain activity and even increase IQ is playing or writing music.

Children six years old who were given music lessons when compared to drama lessons or no extra instruction received 2-3 points in his IQ scores.

Rauscher also found that after getting music lessons for two years, pre-school children scored better on spatial reasoning tests than those following the computer lessons. But the benefits may not be the same for adults.