Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Safe sex for Heart Disease Patients

The American Heart Association declared sexual activity is generally not harmful to people with heart disease. Even so the patient must consult a doctor regularly.

Sexual activity need to be aware what if the disease is not controlled. The heart association also add that further research is needed regarding the influence of sex on the cardiovascular system of women and the elderly who have special conditions.

Sexual activity is expressed makes sense for patients mild angina (chest pain) and those who suffered a mild heart disease, and heart disease patients who had no complaints. Patients who suffer from heart rate (atrial fibrillation) are controlled is also safe to have sex.

"In fact, for most patients with heart disease risk from sexual activity is low. Most patients whose disease is stable sexual activity can be equated with mild or moderate exercise such as walking or climbing stairs several floors," said Dr.Glenn Levine, of Baylor College of Medicine .

The heart disease patients are often reluctant to ask the doctor about the dangers of sexual relationships for their condition, but actually there are concerns that in mind. "We want to encourage doctors to discuss this in their patients," says Levine.

In a study by Levine, an acute heart attack associated with sexual activity, including rare, only less than one percent.

For people who have had heart attacks, sexual intercourse increases the risk of attacks coming back even though the risk is low. "The risk increased from 10 per 1 million per hour to 20-30 per 1 million per hour," wrote the researchers.

In addition to sudden death during sex is actually a rare occurrence. But when it does occur is usually experienced by men and she was having sex with a partner is not valid. "In general with a younger partner, not a familiar place, or after consuming alcohol and certain foods," he added.

The statement also mentioned heart disease patients whose disease is stable or severe symptoms should avoid sexual activity is just as risky sport.

Things to avoid is the erectile dysfunction drug consumption in patients suffering from chest pain. However, in patients with post-menopausal women, estrogen use a smeared or inserted into the vagina to reduce pain during penetration declared safe.

"If you are an active person and have no symptoms, then it is safe sex. But if often arise complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath or heart palpitations, sexual activity should be avoided," said Pande Dr.Reene, heart disease doctor.

It also underlined the importance of this statement is the physician and patient communication. "Communication is the main thing, we will not know if there is a problem if the patient does not express it," said Pande.