Monday, February 6, 2012

Six Reasons Why Peoples are Lazy using Sun Cream

One of the easiest ways to slow the aging process is to wear sun protective cream or sunscreen. Although only stayed worn and smeared on his face was a lot of lazy people wear them. Why?

In a survey in 2008, nearly half of respondents said that did not use sunscreen at all. Here are 6 reasons why women do not use sunscreen, as quoted from the Prevention :

1. Sunscreens cause acne
Fear of aggravating acne is the number one reason women avoid sunscreen. But the sun actually stimulates the oil glands in the skin, thus causing clogged pores.

2. Prefer to use make-up
Using sunscreen is often too heavy if applied prior to makeup application specific. However, do not use sunscreen supposing such as committing suicide on the skin.

Potential of sunscreen decreases after a few hours in the sun, and just 10 minutes of sun exposure each day to get UVA rays cause aging.

UVA rays are known to cause changes that lead to wrinkles and black spots on the skin within a few months.

3. Sunscreen is not effective after sweating
"Sweating reduces the effectiveness of sunscreen, so it should not wipe the skin to sweat," says James Spencer, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Look for sunscreens labeled as waterproof or sports or sweat-resistant, which means it's proven to protect for 80 minutes. However, it should be safe to use repeatedly.

4. Sunscreens can irritate sensitive skin
Sunscreens are chemicals that absorb UV rays, so it may cause irritation. Then choose sunscreen products containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which rarely cause skin sensitivity.

Many sunscreen products that can quickly absorb into the skin, and fragrance-free, thus further reducing the possibility of irritation.

5. Sunscreen makes the face look greasy
Even some oil free moisturizer formula also causes the skin to look oily. Sunscreens are often too heavy to be applied under makeup. As a result, many women rely on makeup that contain SPF.

6. Has already occurred sun-damaged skin
People get less than 25 percent of total sun exposure at age 18. No matter the age, you should use sunscreen every day to reduce damage and allow the skin to make the repair process.