Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seven Diseases That Can Be Treated by Sleep

When fall ill, most people prefer to ask the doctor or buy medicine at a pharmacy themselves. Though drugs they buy are not necessarily appropriate. It could be drugs from their disease was sleep.

However many people underestimate the negative impact of the physical and mental condition due to lack of sleep or insomnia. It says sleep can also be a reliever number of health problems. Do you not believe? Here it is seven health disorder that can be treated with sleep, as reported by the Huffingtonpost.
  1. Weight gain

  2. In the body of people who haved good quality sleep, excessive calories will not hoard to increase energy. This was confirmed by a study that says that children who have adequate hours of sleep consume fewer calories. Similarly, adults who sleep enough, they tend to choose smaller portions of food than their colleagues who lack of sleep.
    People who sleep quite well more wise in choosing foods. From a study, found that people who sleep less tend to consume more high-calorie snacks and junk food than when they slept enough.
    Not only that, people who sleep and wake up at the same hour each day was also reported to have a number of lower body fat. All of these studies show the strong relationship between sleep and the hormones that regulate hunger.

  3. Risk of Getting Diabetic
  4. Lack of sleep causes a person to easily hungry and love to eat sugar and fat-laden foods, and this triggers another problem, namely the risk of type 2 diabetes.
    A study in 2012 found the lack of sleep impairs the response of fat cells to insulin. No wonder after four consecutive nights experiencing sleep deprivation, sleep-deprived people will have insulin levels dropped by 16 percent and sensitivity of fat cells they also drop as much as 30 percent. This leads to obesity or diabetes prone participants.

  5. Not interested in having sex
  6. WebMD reported both men and women will tend to be lazy or not interested in having sex when they are sleep deprived.
    This means that there is not only an indication of the mood a person experiences fatigue but also because of hormonal factors. Some studies also found a link between sleep patterns with hormone testosterone in men, ie the lack of sleep lowers levels of the sex hormones.

  7. Memory decline
  8. Cut hours of sleep as well as limit the time it takes a person to acquire the most important phase in which rapid eye movement sleep (REM). The bad news, this is the closest phase influence on the improvement of learning and memory. So people who sleep less, their memory will decrease.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Natasha Scott Falber Died After Using Tampons

Menstruation is a marker if a teenage girl has entered adulthood. But who would have thought a teenager Daily Mail, Natasha Scott Falber a 14 years old girl fell ill at her home, Caerwent, Wales, UK. Initially, the family thought that Natasha got sick because of norovirus infection, the virus that causes gastrointestinal infection and lead to the sufferer vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. But unexpectedly five days later or precisely on Valentine's Day, Natasha died.
Natasha Scott Falberdied while wearing her first tampons since a rare infection that is almost never known. As quoted from

Natasha died because of 'toxic shock syndrome', one of which turned out to be a bacterial infection that attacks only 40 people per year in the UK. The infection is caused by Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus bacteria are harmless and live in the skin but suddenly invade the bloodstream and produce dangerous toxins. Although extremely dangerous, patients 'toxic shock syndrome' is often mistakenly diagnosed as symptoms are almost the same as other diseases.

Other symptoms of high fever, sudden, blood pressure drops dramatically, causing dizziness and confused, as well as vomiting and diarrhea. The most notable symptom of this syndrome is very rare thus found is a skin rash like sunburn, the white of the eye that turns red or pink and faded skin, especially on the palms of the hands and feet of one-two weeks after falling ill.

Biggest risk than experienced women who are menstruating, especially when wearing a bandage, the woman who recently gave birth to or use of certain contraceptives like the diaphragm is also most at risk of developing this syndrome.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Daytime Sleepiness Treatment

Feel sleepy in daylight is very annoying for some people. Why ? Because you have business to run in the
daylight. You can't sleep when others are working and get their business running. Many factors make the body feel weak and sleepy in the middle of the day. Lack of sleep, too much lunch or stress is a condition that triggers excessive sleepiness.
Then how to treat the daytime sleepiness? Try one of the five food below, as quoted from the Health Me Up.

Natural sugars and proteins contained in yogurt make the body more fit. Especially if you eat cold yogurt, daylight sleepiness can simply disappear. Additionally, yogurt health benefits. Probiotics in yogurt are beneficial to the digestive system.

Oatmeal brewed with hot milk or water can increase energy. The content of minerals like magnesium and phosphorus can prevent fatigue. In addition a combination of carbohydrates and fiber to feed the stomach. Combine with banana slices or strawberries to make oatmeal more delicious.

Water and Lemon
One of the main causes of fatigue and daytime sleepiness is dehydration. To overcome that, you must drinking lots of water. You can also add lemon, sugar and a little salt in the water to restore energy. Lemon contains electrolyte effects such as 'power', making the body more refreshed instantly.

Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Women who have the biggest breasts and having problems about it

Had naturally big breasts may be the dream of many women. Why? Because as we all know that the breast has a very big attraction, especially for men. But have large breasts can also be a source of problems. Here are 5 women who have the biggest breast and are having problems because of her big boobs.

1. Annie Hawkins-Turner

The 54-year-old woman is still listed as the owner of the biggest breasts version of the Guinness Book of
World Records which is 102 ZZZ. The breast is 100 percent original because Annie has never even had surgery to enlarge.

But with this condition, it is often the subject of ridicule, difficulty driving, even after giving birth to her first child is difficult to breastfeed because it could not hold the baby in the right position.

2. Stephanie Fox
Stephanie Fox (22) is in the second place of the most women with biggest boobs, her boobs size is 32 K and she have it without the use of implants or drugs.

However, this big breast owner couldn't have a boyfriend, hard to get clothes that fit and even can not leave the house without hearing what people says that hurt her heart.

Many people who consider Sthephanie is a porn star because of the size of her breasts is not unusual.

3. Hayley Thomas

5 women who have big breast27 years old, Hayley Thomas is one of the women suffering from having big breast. Because breasts are too
plump, even she was forced to stop working.

Not because Hayley get harassment over her breasts, but more because of back pain due to work extra hard to hold large breasts.

Hayley has asked doctors to reduce the size of her breasts in order to relieve back pain so she can get back to work. Unfortunately, doctors refused to operate.

4. Brittany Minder

Come to prom night is only a dream for Brittany Minder. Because of her big boobs, she is not being allowed entered the venue because her breasts were deemed too big and too exposed.

Brittany actual dress worn specifically designed for women with big breasts, and according to Brittany the school should allowed her in to the prom night venue. Moreover, previously she had been wearing a lot of dresses that are similar to the purple dress without incident.

5. Tina Williams

Tina Williams, 62 years old woman who has big breasts admitted to having problems with her ​​breasts skin
when her bra size began to reach D size, as well as other women in her family members

In addition to pain, big breasts sometimes made her feel ashamed. According to Tina, the skin irritation that occurs in the breast crease sometimes smells. In the medical world, the condition of rashes in the breast skin fold areas referred to as intertrigo. This condition is common in women who have large breasts because it tends to loose and prone to friction when shaken.

For every women out there who wanted to have big boobs, please be aware the consequence having it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Most Terrifying X-Ray Pictures 2013

X-rays are used in the medical field to scan parts of the body to specific cases. Of the many X-rays pictures, the following photos might make you shiver chilling. This is the Most Terrifying X-Ray Pictures 2013 :

1. Police in Sydney, Australia, released the X-ray picture skull of Chen Liu (27), who died after being shot in the head with a nail gun 34 times. Liu's bound body was found in a river. The photo was released as part of the request for further information in this case. Liu displayed on the top left in the photo undated. (Photo: New South Wales Police)

2. A CT scan was released last August 16, 2012 by Miguel Couto Hospital, shows the skull of construction worker, Eduardo Leite (24), a metal rod impaled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Doctors say Leite survived after 182 cm long metal rod fell from above and pierced his head. (Photo: Huffingtonpost)

3. Cell phone found in the intestines of four prisoners in El Salvador in September 2006. Prison officials who suspect asked each detainee X-ray examination. (Photo: Centros Penales)

4. CT scan shows a 14.5 millimeter sized live ammunition lodged in the skull of an Afghan soldier. A U.S. military doctor had issued the ammunition Hospital at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan last month. (Photo: U.S. Air Force)

5. A man in southeast China's Guangdong province, went to a local hospital because there live eel stuck in his body. The man intentionally enter the Asian swamp eel measuring 20 inches into the anus after seeing the scene that made ​​the porn film. (Photo: Europics)