Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Most Terrifying X-Ray Pictures 2013

X-rays are used in the medical field to scan parts of the body to specific cases. Of the many X-rays pictures, the following photos might make you shiver chilling. This is the Most Terrifying X-Ray Pictures 2013 :

1. Police in Sydney, Australia, released the X-ray picture skull of Chen Liu (27), who died after being shot in the head with a nail gun 34 times. Liu's bound body was found in a river. The photo was released as part of the request for further information in this case. Liu displayed on the top left in the photo undated. (Photo: New South Wales Police)

2. A CT scan was released last August 16, 2012 by Miguel Couto Hospital, shows the skull of construction worker, Eduardo Leite (24), a metal rod impaled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Doctors say Leite survived after 182 cm long metal rod fell from above and pierced his head. (Photo: Huffingtonpost)

3. Cell phone found in the intestines of four prisoners in El Salvador in September 2006. Prison officials who suspect asked each detainee X-ray examination. (Photo: Centros Penales)

4. CT scan shows a 14.5 millimeter sized live ammunition lodged in the skull of an Afghan soldier. A U.S. military doctor had issued the ammunition Hospital at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan last month. (Photo: U.S. Air Force)

5. A man in southeast China's Guangdong province, went to a local hospital because there live eel stuck in his body. The man intentionally enter the Asian swamp eel measuring 20 inches into the anus after seeing the scene that made ​​the porn film. (Photo: Europics)