Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Women who have the biggest breasts and having problems about it

Had naturally big breasts may be the dream of many women. Why? Because as we all know that the breast has a very big attraction, especially for men. But have large breasts can also be a source of problems. Here are 5 women who have the biggest breast and are having problems because of her big boobs.

1. Annie Hawkins-Turner

The 54-year-old woman is still listed as the owner of the biggest breasts version of the Guinness Book of
World Records which is 102 ZZZ. The breast is 100 percent original because Annie has never even had surgery to enlarge.

But with this condition, it is often the subject of ridicule, difficulty driving, even after giving birth to her first child is difficult to breastfeed because it could not hold the baby in the right position.

2. Stephanie Fox
Stephanie Fox (22) is in the second place of the most women with biggest boobs, her boobs size is 32 K and she have it without the use of implants or drugs.

However, this big breast owner couldn't have a boyfriend, hard to get clothes that fit and even can not leave the house without hearing what people says that hurt her heart.

Many people who consider Sthephanie is a porn star because of the size of her breasts is not unusual.

3. Hayley Thomas

5 women who have big breast27 years old, Hayley Thomas is one of the women suffering from having big breast. Because breasts are too
plump, even she was forced to stop working.

Not because Hayley get harassment over her breasts, but more because of back pain due to work extra hard to hold large breasts.

Hayley has asked doctors to reduce the size of her breasts in order to relieve back pain so she can get back to work. Unfortunately, doctors refused to operate.

4. Brittany Minder

Come to prom night is only a dream for Brittany Minder. Because of her big boobs, she is not being allowed entered the venue because her breasts were deemed too big and too exposed.

Brittany actual dress worn specifically designed for women with big breasts, and according to Brittany the school should allowed her in to the prom night venue. Moreover, previously she had been wearing a lot of dresses that are similar to the purple dress without incident.

5. Tina Williams

Tina Williams, 62 years old woman who has big breasts admitted to having problems with her ​​breasts skin
when her bra size began to reach D size, as well as other women in her family members

In addition to pain, big breasts sometimes made her feel ashamed. According to Tina, the skin irritation that occurs in the breast crease sometimes smells. In the medical world, the condition of rashes in the breast skin fold areas referred to as intertrigo. This condition is common in women who have large breasts because it tends to loose and prone to friction when shaken.

For every women out there who wanted to have big boobs, please be aware the consequence having it.