Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gynecomastia a Rare Genetic Condition

Gynecomastia is usually characterized by abnormal growth of male breasts. This is related to the growth of breast tissue. This condition may occur on one or both breasts.

photo from Zona5
Ramirez and his brothers came from the Dominican Republic experienced gynecomastia. Ramirez and his siblings were all male. However, due to a rare genetic condition Ramirez and his brothers have big breasts like a woman. Not infrequently a strange condition that makes them often the subject of mockery.

Doctors say the condition is affecting a lot of boys from rural southern town Magueyal. Most likely this was due to hormonal anomalies that are transmitted through the generation of small genetic material in the region.

Felipe, the father of three brothers also request assistance through the program Zona5 news. Luckily, the request was welcomed by the medical officer Marcelino Velez Santana Hospital and all operating expenses incurred by Dr. Pedro Antonio Delgado, the owner of the hospital.

Yeuri (17 years), Daniu (12 years) and Gabriel (11 years) underwent treatment and finally perform the surgical removal of the breast for two hours.

"It's sick but now I feel good. Now they can no longer mock us," explains Yeuri, the elder Ramirez brothers, on local television, as reported by Dailymail

Dr. Elbi Morla who deal with them saying that surgery is very important in their evolution. The father was very happy because he could see his three sons into a normal man.

Doctors are now continuously monitor the condition of three brothers and giving drugs to block the female hormone produced by the body.