Monday, May 7, 2012

Hitler Sex Secrets : Bull Testis Extract Injection to Increase Libido

Adolf Hitler is known as one who simply feared dictator of his time. But who would have thought, the dictator would never inject bull testicle extract to help his sex life.

A successful private medical records reveal some medical conditions that are owned by the dictator Adolf Hitler. He was known to suffer from abdominal bloating which makes the wind have to spend on the sidelines of their time eating.

But the results are quite astonishing is that he has a problem with your sex life with his girlfriend Eva Braun. He's been known to inject himself with extract from bull testicles to increase libido (sex drive), as quoted by

In addition evidence from doctors suggests he used cocaine powder to soothe the sinuses and throat conditions, and ate 28 kinds of treatment are known, one of them taking anti-flatulence in large numbers.

Medical condition which is owned by Hitler is known after a rare postcard of Hitler has recently emerged after a century sent by the dictator to his friend Karl Lanzhammer.

The letter came to light when the owners who want to remain anonymous took him to Munich roadshow undertaken by Europeana digital innovation project set up Oxford University and the British Library. These files are expected to be auctioned in Connecticut, USA.

The use of extracts of bull testes is known as one of China's traditional aphrodisiac. It is known from bull testicles is used because the rich content of testosterone, as reported by Dailymail.

Potent nature of this bull testis has long been used in India in which users could swear increase sexual passion, while couples in China claims as its effect is more powerful aphrodisiac than viagra.