Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Health Conditions Will be Fatal If Ignored

Some minor health conditions such as sleep disorders, headaches to constipation can be dangerous if ignored. These conditions could be an early symptom of other serious illnesses such as heart problems and cancer.

The following 7 health conditions that could be dangerous if ignored and not be treated medically as reported by the shape

1. Sleep disorders
Do not overlook sleeping problems like insomnia, snoring, or high levels of fatigue can be a symptom of heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
Consult your sleep problems with your doctor to find out it is not a symptom of serious illness.

2. Vagina smells not good
A person who sometimes ignore or postpone check the condition of her vagina that secrete a viscous fluid and the odor because it only considers a result of routine bacterial infections are not dangerous.

But it turns out, these conditions can be a symptom of cervical cancer are rare neuroendocrine called cervical cancer. The first symptoms are characterized vagina is already a problem in this type of cancer stage IV.

3. Constipation
You have to defecate one to three days on a regular basis. Do not ignore the problem of constipation that occurs in more than three days because of constipation may indicate a blockage in the digestive tract, Tumo, or prolapse of the colon. This should immediately consult a physician.

4. Headache
Although headache is a pain that is very familiar to most people, but sometimes a headache can also indicate a serious problem like a brain tumor or meningitis.

If your headache with stiff neck, fever, vomiting or lasts for a long time (more than a few days), it should consult a physician.
Do not ignore headaches as well that suddenly accompanied by slurred speech, vision problems, difficulty in moving arms and legs, loss of balance, confusion or memory loss.

Do not ignore also the headache that gets worse over a period of 24 hours and a headache that occurs because of an injury.

5. Toothache and pain in the face
Dr. Kathy Gruver, a physician and author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet had met with a patient who complained of a toothache and also feel the pain on his face.
It turned out that the patient is suffering from herpes zoster in the facial nerve in the long term. Because it is not treated quickly, it leads to painful and permanent neuropathy in the face that can cause blindness.

6. Diarrhea
If you have diarrhea for more than a few days, do not stay silent! This could indicate serious problems, such as the growth of parasites in the stomach, cancer, problems in the pancreas, gall bladder and much more.

Use anti-diarrhea drugs are not an appropriate solution for the situation that has been bad, you can lose body fluids and need hospital treatment.

7. Acid reflux
Acid reflux can cause heartburn, dental erosion and asthma symptoms such as stomach contents are aspirated into the lungs. Acid reflux can also cause cancer of the esophagus.

This condition is a disease caused by progressive deterioration of anti-reflux valve in the esophagus. Talk with your doctor about the best treatment for you.