Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What To Do If Sudden Fainting Want?

Fainting or loss of consciousness is often fatal because when you fall The impact could lead to serious injury. For that some things can be done when you feel dizzy, so as not to be passed out or at least able to avoid injury.

The most common cause of fainting is the reduction in blood pressure is temporary and will recover in no time. Symptoms appear before fainting include headache, eye dizzy, floating body feels and looks pale.

Because the trigger was low blood pressure, then some things can be done as quoted by Betterhealth, Friday (27/01/2012) is as follows:

1. Lying with your feet higher
Hold this position for about 10 minutes, then gravity would redistribute the blood pressure which was originally terpusah in the legs and lower body. When the blood pressure in the head and upper body increases, then the symptoms will usually want to pass out soon diminished.

2. Sit back and keep your head
If not found a place that allows it to lie down, immediately sat down and keep your head as low. The goal is the same as lying, which utilize gravity to help the heart pump blood to the head and upper body.

3. Fan-fan and stay away from the crowd
When blood pressure goes down, the blood's ability to distribute oxygen is reduced so that the symptoms will worsen going to faint. This condition can be overcome by seeking fresh air, for example by avoiding crowds or the fans if the agency also began to feel hot.

In addition to the 3 way, make sure the body's fluid needs are met because most people are so easily collapsed while dehydrated. Drink plenty of water, if necessary provide a stimulating smells like eucalyptus oil to relieve the symptoms.

In most people, fainting is not seriously affected and will recover in a few moments. But it never hurts to see a doctor immediately, because often fainting also could indicate the presence of chronic diseases such as anemia or anemia, diabetes and even heart problems.