Saturday, January 14, 2012

When is the Best Time For Making Love ?

The husband and wife are generally the most frequent sex in the evening, after the completion of activities in the afternoon. However, a recent study found that the best time for sex is at 7.30 am.

Image from flickr
A recent study revealed that having sex at 7:30 in the morning is the best way to keep you healthy. This is because the body produces an increase in sex hormones and adrenaline to get people energized in the morning.

"Couples will rest at night, and when you wake up you tend to be more responsive," says Suzie Hayman, sex therapist, as reported by Timesofindia.

Research conducted in Italy also showed that love in the morning tend to be more possible for couples to obtain orgasm and successful conception.

While other studies conducted by the London School of Economics showed that the best days for intercourse is Thursday. Because the energy levels of natural cortisol that stimulate sex hormone is at peak on Thursday.

Therefore, set your alarm clock to wake up and be ready to have sex in the morning Thursday. Today is when the sex hormone testosterone in men and estrogen in women five times higher than usual.

Meanwhile, according to GfK NOP survey of health, on Tuesday a few people who have sexual intercourse because it was too busy with the routine.