Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Researchers Reveal Masturbation on Men Can Generate quality sperm

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A team of researchers from The College of Wooster Ohio, conduct in-depth research on male masturbation habits. They then asked 21 volunteers to masturbate by utilizing several pornographic video they had prepared.

Each volunteer was asked to masturbate for 15 consecutive days. However they are not allowed to drink alcohol and perform other sexual activity 48 hours prior to masturbation. Turns researchers succeeded in proving that men are more rapid ejaculation during masturbation with unknown woman as the stimulus. The volume and number of sperm quality produced is also much more than the usual sexual activity.

"Not that we said that if natural selection makes him more easy to have an affair. But this led to speculation that the affair may also occur in the past," said one researcher Dr. Laura K Sirot as quoted by the Huffington Post, Thursday (13/08/2015) ,

Therefore, man evolved into a creature that is easier to have sex or even impregnate women who are not his spouses. Sirot also feel this can be used to detect and overcome infertility in men early on.

Sirot research associate, Paul N Joseph describes men with fertility problems coming to consult a doctor will usually be asked to provide a sperm sample by masturbation

"Because they made porn videos, ejaculation that occurs in fertility clinics might produce sperm with better quality, and from there we can uncover potential problems possessed fertility patients," he said.